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Detailed below are some of the most regularly asked questions of us along with our answers, which you may find useful.
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General travel questions

Travel Safety Tips
  1. Money - Before you start packing think about how you are going to manage your money. Only take cards you really need and consider leaving behind any obvious items like wallets and purses that may tempt thieves
  2. Mobile Phones - Phones are a lifeline in our modern world but taking an older model on holiday will make you less of a target for thieves when you are out and about. If you feel you need your latest model, ensure that you enable any "find me" options in the general settings and record the IMEI code for your device so that you have these details to hand in the event of a problem. Dial *#06# to see your IMEI number on screen.
  3. Valuables - Don't take important or irreplaceable items with you. That includes jewellery and watches of value. Consider buying a cheap replacement so you aren't placing you valuable items at risk.
  4. Know where you are going - When you arrive in a new place it is vital you know where you're going and how to get there. It might be worth investing in a mobile phone contract in which you won’t incur roaming costs for data/calls/texts. This is so you can use maps on the go and you can arrange taxis and contact your hotel/hostel if needed. You should also research your destination so that you know if there are any public holidays/festivals happening which might close down public transport and make travelling difficult.
  5. Don't trust everyone - If you are travelling alone then its sensible to have a 'don't trust people' rule. Not everyone has your best interests at heart like we do. This includes watching your drinking and not just alcohol either as sleeping drugs can be dropped into soft drinks as easily as alcoholic drinks.
  6. Precautions - Take family and your own safety seriously and have an emergency plan with contact numbers from home written out in the event that important belongings get misplaced or stolen. Bring paper copies of passports and booking records and perhaps even give a copy to a nominated friend or family member for them to send to you in case of such an emergency - tell people where you are and try to keep in contact.
  7. Finally... Insurance! - Travel insurance won't cover you for every eventuality (such as terrorism/political disruption/acts of war for example). But it will be there to assist you for the other known risks of travelling such as robbery/travel delays and of course illness in all its various forms. People often set off on travels and holidays and then find themselves in difficult situations that could have been much easier to deal with had they bought travel insurance.

Hopefully you found this short article helpful. Even if it has just reminded you of things you may have known already, it might encourage you to review your plans and consider difficulties you may not have considered in the past!

All the best and travel safely!

About our policies

About using our site

Amendments and Cancellations Policy

What should I do before going away?

No list can be complete but our top tips are:
  • Remember to cancel all regular deliveries such as milk or newspapers and throw away anything in the fridge that might go off.
  • Check everyone's passport still has 6 months to run after you return as this is a requirement of some immigration authorities and that you have any necessary Visas.
  • Leave a contact number with a member of your family and / or a neighbour and ask them to check your home from time to time while you are away.
  • Depending on the time of year, check the UK weather forecast and consider leaving your heating on low, as it can save considerable time and expense if your pipes burst.
  • Research where you are going and remember to take advice on the vaccinations you need.
  • Depending on where you are going, don't over-pack, you'll be able to buy most things you may have forgotten whilst on holiday.
  • Make sure that all members of your party have travel insurance with adequate cover and benefit levels so make sure it's My Travel Visa.

Can I buy this policy if I have been resident for less than 6 months?

1- This policy is only available to persons Resident in the United Kingdom.
2- As a condition precedent to this contract, this policy is only available to persons registered with a United Kingdom doctor.

I need some help with the Visa application process?

Our partner company CIBT provides specialist management of your entire Visa application process from start to finish including all document checking and submission.
To receive a 10% discount off their listed prices simply follow the process at the following website:

Why do I need insurance in Europe if I have the European Health Insurance Card?

The European Health Insurance Card merely shows that its holder is entitled, in the EU, to free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment only. Whilst such treatment is available in all countries, it is not always free and thus we would always advise that you take out insurance.

What if I lose my passport or have it stolen?

You should always keep a copy of your passport number and personal details page as this will help in the event of needing a new one.
If you lose your passport in the UK there is now a new reporting structure offering a fast and effective way to cancel the lost or stolen passport and so help prevent future misuse of the document and / or your identity.
You now need to complete a new LS01 form to get a replacement. Within the UK you can obtain these from the following:
  • A Regional Passport Office
  • The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) Adviceline 0300 222 0000
  • The IPS web site
  • Police stations
  • Certain Post Office branches that offer the Passport Check and send service

If your passport is lost or stolen overseas then immediately report it to the local police and then contact the nearest British Foreign and Commonwealth Consulate, Embassy or High Commission. They will help you to report the loss to the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and help provide replacement travel documentation.
If other items are also stolen e.g. credit cards then you will need to inform your bank or credit card issuer, so make sure you have the appropriate emergency number with you as they may also be able to help with transferring emergency money to you.

What should I do about money overseas?

There are no hard and fast rules but we would suggest.
  • Take some local currency with you.
  • Take the remainder in travellers cheques and remember many destinations will take credit cards.
  • When you are overseas place your money in a money belt when you are out and about.
  • If you are staying in a hotel keep your valuables and cash in a safe deposit box (if available).

What should I do if I have a medical emergency abroad?

Our Emergency Assistance Service is operated by a worldwide organisation specialising in emergency assistance services and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their telephone number is +44 (0) 208 865 3239 when calling from overseas. Please quote your policy number and 'My Travel Visa' when you call.

I want travel insurance but I have a medical condition, what do I do?

This policy does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions, so anything that arises that is connected with a pre-existing medical condition will not be covered under any section of the policy.
About our policies

What is a policy excess?

Certain sections of cover are subject to an excess applying to each claim. An excess means that you are responsible for the first sum per person per incident when you claim. The amount of any excess is detailed in the policy wording.

What does personal baggage mean?

Personal baggage relates to your suitcases or similar luggage carriers and their contents usually taken on a trip; together with articles worn or carried by you for your individual use on the trip.

What if I do not think the policy is suitable after buying it?

If on receipt of your policy you are not satisfied with it, you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days, as long as you have neither travelled nor made a claim.

Can I buy your insurance if I am not travelling from the UK?

No, our policies are designed only for those people whose travels both start and end in the UK (including Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man).

What can I use to buy your policies?

You can buy our policies on line using a Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Delta card.

What is Crisis Assist

If the worst should happen, Crisis Assist provides 24 hour emergency assistance:
  • immediate �live� and informed telephone advice removing you from danger
  • if necessary, the deployment of Crisis Consultants to resolve the situation, or to get you released

Why do I need Crisis Assist

  • The costs of emergency political evacuation
  • Related legal expenses
  • Interpreter fees
  • Security guard fees
  • Emergency travel and accommodation costs
  • Emergency medical costs

We operate within a global network of highly qualified Crisis Consultants who monitor and react to global events 24/7.

If you find yourself in danger - maybe trapped in your hotel while an attack happens around you � call Crisis Assist.

Our team will already be checking your location, they will have assessed your situation from local and national and local news reports and from their own sources in the area.

Your dedicated Crisis Assist Consultant will talk you through the next steps:

  • "stay in your room, lock the door and only open it when we arrive" OR
  • "we�ve arranged for a car to take you to the airport. Go to the back door of the hotel and the car will be waiting" OR
  • "we have contacted the hotel and the situation has been contained by the Police and you are able to stay there until the airport re-opens and we will get you on the first scheduled flight"

The range of responses is endless as every situation is different.

Crisis Assist provides 24 hour telephone assistance and where necessary will do everything in its power to get you (and your family) to safety by any means at its disposal. Crisis Assist has a global network which can reach you � wherever you are.

What about travel insurance?

Travel insurance will reimburse the costs of unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellation and range of other losses but it will not provide immediate crisis support or remove you from an imminent situation.

You should never travel without travel insurance.

For more details please visit

What countries are covered in each area of travel?

  • Worldwide, including USA, Canada & Caribbean.
  • Europe is defined as the continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains, including the Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands and all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Canary Islands, Madeira and The Azores and covers trips by Channel Islands residents to other parts of the United Kingdom and trips by other United Kingdom residents to the Channel Islands.

About using our site

How do I use your on line service?

First you can get a quick quote merely by selecting the type of insurance policy that best suits your needs e.g. single trip or annual multi trip. Select where you are travelling to, on what date and for how long. Then include brief details of age(s), numbers etc. and if they have any medical conditions. This will result in an immediate response/quick quote. If you are happy with this then merely proceed to a more detailed quote and secure purchase by entering the full details required in the subsequent pages which will allow you to tailor the policy to ensure it meets your demands and needs.

How do I retrieve a saved quote?

If you have previously saved a quote on the My Travel Visa web site you can retrieve that quote by entering your quote number or email address under the "Retrieve Quote" heading. You will then be displayed your summary page - you will be able to amend the quote by pressing the back button.

Do I get a receipt?

You will receive your policy documentation direct by e-mail and this is your receipt. That is why it is critical that your e-mail address is both valid and accurate when purchasing.

How secure is your site?

Our web site uses the highest industry standard technology to allow for the encryption of all your personal information, including your credit card details.

How do I amend or cancel my policy?

Please use the contact form if you need to make amendments to your travel insurance policy.

You may cancel this policy at any time, however you will only be entitled to a full or partial refund under certain circumstances. You must use the contact form to confirm you wish to cancel.

If you cancel your policy within 14 days of receipt of your policy documentation, where your policy has been paid in full, and has not started, no valid claim has been made or is intended to be made, no incident likely to give rise to a claim has occurred and providing that you have not enacted the policy as part of a successful travel visa application you will receive a refund of the premium paid and we will charge an administration fee of £5.

If you cancel your policy within 14 days of receipt of your policy documentation, where your policy has been paid in full, and has started, no valid claim has been made or is intended to be made, no incident likely to give rise to a claim has occurred and providing that you have not enacted the policy as part of a successful travel visa application you will receive a refund of the premium paid and we will charge an administration fee of not more than 50% of the price paid to a maximum of £20.

A transaction fee may also be charged to any refund.

Where your travel insurance forms part of your travel visa application, cancellation of the travel insurance will invalidate your visa and you will not be able to travel legally.

If you are outside the first 14 days, have travelled, are making a claim, something has happened that will lead to you making a claim, or the travel policy is a component of a travel visa application we can still cancel your policy and we may be able to offer a partial refund. We may charge an admin fee of £20 and retain an amount of the premium for the cover you have used.

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